You have two different options for coinback withdrawals.

  1. Bitcoin to bitcoin withdrawal to an external Bitcoin wallet. You can withdraw the bitcoin from your account to an external wallet that you own.

  2. Xank to Xank withdrawal to an external Xank (ERC-20 supporting) wallet. You can withdraw the Xank from your account to an external wallet that you own.

And here’s how you can withdraw.

  1. Register as a member at Probit( exchange.

  2. After logging in, select <Deposit> from <Wallet> in the menu of User Page and enter the name of the cryptocurrency you want to deposit. (Example: BTC or XANK)

  3. Press <Copy> for the deposit address and the deposit address will be automatically copied.

  4. After logging back into Xank Wallet, select <Withdrawal> from <Wallet> menu and select the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw.

  5. Paste the deposit address copied in step 3 above into the deposit address field.

  6. Finally, press <Withdrawal> to complete the withdrawal.

  7. Depending on the status of the Bitcoin or Ethereum network, the time to complete the deposit may vary, but it usually takes less than a day and a fee of less than $1.

  8. When the deposit is complete at the exchange, you will be able to sell the deposited cryptocurrency at the current market price and withdraw your funds in cash.

Xank you!

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