Xank is the world’s first free-floating cryptocurrency with stable transactions and investment value. Xank is an altcoin created by Kim Ryu Hyun in 2017 to improve the following shortcomings of Bitcoin and other altcoins.

  1. Stable Transactions

  2. Consistent Fees

  3. Auditable Privacy

  4. Distributed Governance

Stable Transactions

The price stability without sacrificing decentralization is difficult but not impossible to achieve. What you don’t want to do is merely create a stablecoin since it’ll be very wasteful at best and impossible to peg the currency for a prolonged period of time.

Consistent Fees

The second biggest hindrance to mass adoption is uneven transaction fees when transacting. This is because most of the cryptocurrencies use bidding algorithms to prevent spam and unwanted attacks from the network.

Auditable Privacy

The Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions are completely transparent meaning it’s fully open to the public if you view the transactions using a block explorer. The Zcash and Monero transactions are completely private meaning even the developer cannot decipher the TX history within. We need some middle ground where it’s private from the public but still auditable when needed without sacrificing decentralization.

Distributed Governance

The decentralization is a prerequisite for gaining the people’s trust in the network. However, without good governance, the network will ultimately fail the people’s false trust. This is because the network is only good as its governance.

A cryptocurrency can fluctuate in value just like the stocks according to the market's supply and demand forces. You can convert your bitcoin to cash at cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, and the Xank token can be exchanged for cash at the following exchanges at today's price:

Xank you!

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